October 3rd, 2011

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Monday/Sunday Oct 2 and 3. On the Road to Marmaris.

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Sunday: The following was meant to go out last nigth, Sunday. But the wireless took the Sunday off.

It was still rough when I left Chios this morning.”Marvin” and “Algieba” waved me out. I started out with the reefed down to 60 % jib and was at times surfing down the still large waves.

But after an hour or so the wind petered out, but the swell and waves held on. I motored half the aproximately 50 miles. Samos has some very high peaks 1434 meters, close to 5000 feet. It is supposed to have some great hiking trails. But I plan to push off in the morming before the Northerly disappears all together.

I am anchored in the harbor of Marathokambos. On the South side. I arrived in the dark and I have no idea where I put the hook down. I’ll find out in the morning.For all I know I am inside someone’s fish farm.


Monday: I left early and covered another 50 plus miles. Sailed 90 percent of the way. Great sail. From several different directions, but always a reach or a run. But I went from Two reefs in the main,to three reefs with the 60% jib, later with full main. Had to jibe a couple times.  I made it into a very small Turkish harbor, by 6 p.m. Gumusluk, 37.03.N 027.14.0 It is 7 p.m. and the muezzin is chanting his call to prayers.  The guide mentioned weeds on the bottom and  hard to set the anchor in it. I found out and it will not be as restful this night as last night. Hope it does not start howling through here. I should be in Marmaris by Wednesday night.