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Tuesday March 8 Mardi Gras and a new Feature

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Besides Mardi Gras it is Day of the woman and Joke (Pronounced Yokah)  Brancart’s birthday.

And I have company today of Carl McHenry. He and his lady friend drove down from Baltimore. We met in the middle of the Atlantic in June 2007. Carl was on his way from Jacksonville, via Bermuda to the Med. I was on my last stretch home from Trinidad to the Chesapeake. There was very littlewind and Carl and his crew had a surprise for me. Lindt chocolates. I cannot find the pictures I took of our mid ocean exchange of gifts. “Morning Star” was the very first yacht I had ever seen out of sight of land since I commenced my circumnavigation in 2005. Since then I have seen two more on my crossing of the Atlantic in 2009.

In Vietnam the International day of the Woman is a a serious celebration. It approaches our Valentines day.

I started a new Feature on this web site under Number 98) on the index TRADITIONAL SAILING VESSELS.  Go take a look. In particular the article I wrote on Basket Boats should be of interest to you. Little has been published in English on these unusual Vietnamese woven boats. I had intended this for a newspaper article but in this way I hope to increase the traffic to the site so that I increase the audience for advertising my upcoming book.