June 7th, 2010

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Monday June 7

Monday, June 7th, 2010

The summer weekend came to an end. It is cool and cloudy. Nothing special to report today.

So here are a few extra photos from the last days. On my bicycle trip back from Volendam I took the below pictures of the Kiewit or Kievit,  in English Northern Lapwing (Plover family). This bird is prolific in the Dutch cow pastures. It nests right in the grass lands. For centuries the first Kiewit egg discovered is presented to the King or Queen of Holland.  It migrates south for the winter months. It is rarely seen elsewhere in Europe or in North America. As kids we used to comb the pastures for that first egg. The expectant father Kiewit has an uncanny skill to draw the searcher on a wild Kiewit chase. 

Next is the Carillon  in the Play Tower. This is the oldest Carillon, from 1597 still playing in Holland. On the whole hour the carousel starts turning and horsemen play a battle and the golden haired Cherubim (or is it a Seraphim?) sounds her trumpet. Saturday morning the town (“Beiaardier”, the Klockenspieler,) carilloneur plays the Carillon for an half hour. There is a YouTube video with the Beiaardier playing Elvis’ greatest hits, last April 24.