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Saturday March 20

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Talking about green in my last post on St. Patrick’s day. Last Saturday, in the Saigon Botanical Garden, I took the below picture of a Red Flame Tree, which the French planted nearly a century ago.  And you will see from its tag that it is the National Tree of Puerto Rico. Last February when I sailed in Puerto Rico I took the other photograph of the forests of the Red Flame Tree.

But actually the Flame Tree is now the national tree of the North Marianas and Puerto Rico’s National tree is now the Kapok Tree (Ceiba)

We have had a couple beautiful warm sunny Spring days here but it is supposed to be back to normal (rain) tomorrow. I will be at 8.30 mass at St.Nicholas, tomorrow and rehearse for the Easter Sunday mass with the choir in the afternoon.

It will be a few more days before we try the next stage in trying to recover the data from my crashed HP Pavilion DV2500 laptop. Most likely caused through overheating from the battery. In all the recall notices for HP batteries my models were never mentioned. Anyway I have learned my lessons and will do more frequent back ups to an external hard drive. If the recovery process fails I will call on you all to update your addresses and phone numbers.

A long time friend of mine here in Tacoma is seriously ill, I went to see him yesterday. Roman Wydra is 97 years old. We promised each other many years ago that we were going to live beyond 100. Please, keep him and his wife, Zdenka, in your prayers.