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Wednesday March 10 Back to Saigon. Laptop Crashed

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

I have had a serious crash and lost my drivers altogether. I am writing this from another laptop. Not sure I’ll be able to survive mine. I’ll try in Saigon. I am taking the night sleeper train from Nhatrang, taking the bike with me. I’ll be handicapped trying to re-list my flight without skyoe, the phone numbers and e-mail addresses, etc. If you happen to get a phone call from Sea-|Tac in the next days that is the reason. I still have the tooth abscess issue to deal with in either Saigon or take my chances that it will go away. 

I am reasonable certain that I might have accomplished a good part of my second mission, to try and make it easier and cheaper for cruising vessels to visit Vietnam. An insider here gave me a rundown of the actual costs and it turns out that the major expense is the agency fee and that the “under the table” expenses to the various agencies are not all that high. I expect to be able to have the positive information corrected on in the next week or so.

Dick and Dung McKenzie had me over for lunch today. Gerard and Nam Mollenhorst also joined the lunch. The Mollenhorsts wil be back in Lelystad in three weeks.

I am not sure I’ll be able insert pictures from this borrowed laptop and not certain I can read my e-mails.