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Friday Sept 4 – I’m on Paro(o)l(e)…

Friday, September 4th, 2009


You can read all about it at the interview I mentioned on my previous post which appeared in yesterday’s PAROOL.

I’m sorting things out that I do not need while in inland waters, like liferaft, spare rudder, extra spinnaker pole, books, etc. to put in storage till 2011. I got up early to take pictures of the moon set, but just when I had enough daylight the clouds rolled in again but I ended up with the below shot. On the rail line, in the picture, that runs right along the lake’s edge used to be a narrow gauge commuter train that ran from the Haarlemmermeer Station, just to the north of here to the country side, south of Amsterdam. The train is long gone but the track is now being used to run a number of preserved street cars, from the fourties/fifties, on the weekends. I have a very vivid memory of the only time I ever rode on this train. It was in the summer of 1944. My mother had been taken away by the SS in April. I was staying with family near here. The uncle who used to be a member of this YC. My sister and brother were each staying with other relatives. My father came to get us all that summer day and we took this train to visit an aunt and uncle in Uithoorn, about 20 miles away. The Haarlemeer station was right in front of the Amstelveenseweg prison where my father thought our mother was, at that time. He stood in the middle of the street in from of this enormous prison building and shouted to the top of his voice: “Rennie!!!!!”, my mother’s name. Later we found out that she had already been transferred to the Dutch SS concentration camp at Vught, where my brother and I plan to be this Sunday for the commemoration of the 65 years anniversary of the camp evacuation.