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Monday, August 31st, 2009

Yesterday, Saturday the Yacht Club had their bi-annual members work day. Sheds were cleared and cleaned, roofs and gutters pressure washed. The kitchen served up sandwidches and soup a l’onignonand afterward we were all treated to a few rounds from the bar. These Schinkelers do not need much of an excuse for a good time. Herman, my brother in law, stopped by to drop off my laundry I had done at their house and then took me to dinner. This morning I attended the 10.30 service again at the St. Augustinus church.  One of the club members gave me two complimentary tickets to the Amsterdam “outstation” Hermitage Museum. The St.Petersburg Hermitage lends parts of their collections to the Amsterdam museum which is dedicated to just these borrowed exhibits. The current exhibit is a collection of costumes  and jewelryworn for festive events, like Imperial Balls,  in Russia during the 19th and prerevolutionary period of the 20th century. Also lots of portrait paintings of the Tsars, Russian court and other dignitaries and nobility. Afterwards I took the train to Haarlem to have dinner with my nephew Dirk Jan and his family. Daan (13) and Lukas (9) played for me on the piano and Saxophone. They are the Dutch version of the von Trapps. Mother Fransje and grandfather Jaap all play a number of instruments. Lukas played his own jazzy improvisation of “Hit the road Jack”. I did not take it personally. Another 6 years and these guys will be a hit when they hit the road.

Everyone and all the news here talks about the 13 year old Dutch Laura wanting to solocircumnavigate. Often I am being asked to give my opinion. Here it goes: Unless this girl is a super extraordinary 13 year old, I, as her father would want her to wait another 4/5 years. There are just too many challlenges that I had to face that I am convinced even the strongest, smartest, very experienced 13 year old would not be able to surmount. I do  not believe that any one else other than her parents need to take on this responsibility of a potential disaster or defeat. 

Magda Scholten pointed out the following link for fast sailing and traditonal sail enthusiasts. Great Pictures.