August 14th, 2009 browsing by day


E.T.A. IJmuiden Fri 14 Aug. Counting down in hours….

Friday, August 14th, 2009

At 17.45 hours I am at 52.15N 4.04E with 23 miles to go. Expected arrival 23.00 hrs. After this morning’s message we have been sailing all day. Great conditions, doing about 5 knots with full main and the old light 150%. Lots of commercial traffic into and from the Scheldt and Rotterdam. Might be better for the welcoming committee to keep their flags rolled up till to-morrow morning at the outer harbor marina. I need clear customs there and then plan proceed up the canal to Amsterdam. It could be that Dirk Jan can see us from Zandvoort after all since I am coming in closer to the coast than I had planned.

The first thing I may need to do is see a doctor. In the last days I have developed an annoying pain from the navel on down. Mostly in the groin, lower back and upper legs. I suspect it has something to do with my kidneys. At first I thought it was the flue. I have to constantly pee. The pain is worst after I drink. Nearly impossible to sleep because the pain is worst laying down. Is there a doctor in the audience? Other than that I feel great. Back to the cockpit to search for the smoke stacks of the Hoogovens. Tot spoedig ziens!!

Friday Aug 14th. Almost Home

Friday, August 14th, 2009

At 8.00 hrs I am at 51.43N 2.58E with 74 miles to go. Just off Zuid Beveland. Right now it looks like we will arrive late this evening in Ijmuiden. I will mail an update around 6 p.m. for het Welkom Kommitee. Carol’s cellphone battery is nearly dead, so we cannot call. Most likely we will spend the night at the new marina on the sea side of the locks. We are coming in from the S.W. and you will not likely see us in the setting sun at Zandvoort. Ik zal Karolien (020-6592321) proberen te bellen vanaf de haven. We were in an adverse tide approaching the Channel for 5 hours and saw Boulogne Sur Mer for ever. Then we flushed through but then were off Oostende, again, for hours crawling at 3 knots, no wind, on the motor. Motor all night. Now there is a little breeze promising a sail. But then the choice is getting to Ijmuiden just before dark or sailing. We ran out of propane and no more hot soup or hot meals, the dishes are stacking up. I still have a few cold salad meals from canned beans and fresh tomatoes, bread and tuna out of the can.