June 2nd, 2009

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Tuesday June 2nd in Jacksonville

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

“Fleetwood” was splashed at 9.30 The last minute chores became last hour chores. I worked into the dark, last night.

Kel Billabong came to help me put the Monitor wind vane back on. I don’t think I’d have been ready for the move into the river without Kel’s help.

This blog is posted via SailMail through the SSB radio. I cannot connect to wi-fi here at the city visitors marina. And I will be on the Atlantic to-morrow afternoon and I will give daily positions and file the usual tall fish ta(i)les.

There was a stiff easterly and I sailed most of the way down the Saint John’s River.

It is good to be out of the dusty and hot yard and get the river breeze. But I’ll miss the camaraderie from the men and women at Green Cove Springs Marina.

I am tired.