“Fleetwood” ’s Log


August 31, 2008


A journal of Jack van Ommen’s circumnavigation started in February 2005 from the Pacific Northwest through the South Pacific, South East Asia, the Indian Ocean then around the Cape of Good Hope, across the Atlantic Ocean to the June 2007 arrival on the Chesapeake Bay. This is the last specific “Log” I have written. After the Chesapeake I did another trip on the ICW and then spent the winter in the Caribbean. As of June 2009 I started a blog and you can read back to that time when I continued with a North Atlantic crossing to Europe, a year in Holland and a journey across central Europe to the Black Sea. Eventually “Fleetwood” will head back across the Atlantic, probably winter 2012/2013, to South America.




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DATES                                   LOCATIONS


August ’08                              Chesapeake A summer’s cruise on the Chesapeake Bay

Feb 22 ’08                               ICW this is just a photo album of a winter’s voyage from Chesapeake to North Florida

June 18 ’07                             South America Brazil, French Guyana, Surinam, Trinidad to the Chesapeake

April 21 ’07                                      St. Helena

March 13 ’07                          South Africa

December 4 ’06                       Madagascar & Mozambique

October 26 ’06                        Indian Ocean- Seychelles and Christmas Island

August 20 ’06                         Bali

Augus 7 ’06                                      Indonesia -Sulawesi

August 7 ‘06                           Malaysia – Borneo

April 20 ’06                                      Vietnam

March 21 ’06                          Philippines and Palau

January 5 ’06                          Melanesia – Solomons and Papua New Guinea

October 26 ’05                        Vanuatu and Solomon Islands

October 3 ’05                          Samoa, Wallis and Fiji

August 18 ’05                         Tahiti and Leeward Islands of French Polynesia

June 28 ’05                             Marquesas and Papeete

May 30 ’05                             Marquesas and Pacific

April 21 ’05                            Alameda, February 17, via Monterey to Santa Barbara,California 


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