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"Fleetwood" is a NAJA 30 foot triple chine sloop. Designed by Sylvestre Langevin and produced in England as a kit boat by Whisstock. "F.W." was assembled in the winter of  1979-'80 and the sails raised for the first time one hour before the 1980 Swiftsure starting gun. In 1982 I participated in the San Francisco Kauai Singlehanded Transpac.

I imported three more of the kits but the concept never shared my enthusiasm. With the time and money poured into it I could be writing this from my 50 foot catamaran in the South Pacific.....  So the the plans have changed and I expect to be heading south in “Fleetwood” in the next months.




 "Fleetwood’s "Other" Single-handed


 Recounting of the 1982 San Francisco-

Kauai single handed Trans-Pac   


   “Groote Beer” my association with this renown  botterjacht.









            Photo Albums  


  Scanned Photo-8.jpegPhoto album of “Fleetwood”’s kit assembly

Grandfather’s sailing photos in Lemmer around 1920       














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