Tuesday May 7th. “Fleetwood” went topless.

Written by Jack van Ommen on May 7th, 2013

The 4 May concert, on the occasion of the annual memorial of the victims of the 2nd WW, was a great success. We sang Fauré’s Requiem, Cantique de Jean Racine, also of Faure, and Mozart’s Ave Verum and Laudate Dominum. We had a full house, extra chairs had to be brought out to fill the aisles of the 700 seat Augustinus church.  Friday evening we had our general rehearsal with the “Plankenkoor” the second choir, and another short rehearsal before the performance. It was hard work for everyone, particularly for the two directors, Bram Biersteker and Herman Paardekoper. I love to sing but this was probably the most gratifying experience I have ever had. Tomorrow we leave for Rome to sing in the Saint Peter on Ascension. Be sure to follow the blog from there.

The 5th of May, Liberation Day, was another celebration after the coronation, a week ago. Another spectacle was given, in attendance of the new royal couple and princess Beatrix, on the Amstel River here in Amsterdam.

“Fleetwood” has been converted into a convertible. But I had no idea how big this job is. Just cleaning up the frames from the left over of the plywood that remained stuck to it with the epoxy adhesive. Removing the screws and ring shank nails in the plywood that were invisible under the teak. Now the job of filling the nail and screw holes, etc. The leaks were mainly where the hardware was bolted down. I should have rebedded these more frequently. But the plywood was tired after the 33 years and from the far too many holes left from attaching the teak deck. Now I have the opportunity to sand and refinish the interior under the deck without having to crawl in the fore peak and quarter berth and cockpit lockers. I’ll be coming home with my rejuvenated old friend.

The concert pictures are taken by Renie with our charming Dutch Antilles soprano choir member Damisha Reed-Gregorio’s camera.


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