Last Winter Day. March 20

Written by Jack van Ommen on March 20th, 2013

I am one sick puppy. It started on Sunday and it is not getting better yet. This afternoon I was shaking for an hour and had to make sure I kept my tongue tugged in. I have never experienced this. So, please, feel sorry for me.. The last time I was this sick was around the 2005 year’s end, anchored in N.W. Papua New Guinea, before crossing to Palau. I guess it is a bad flue. Drinking lots of fluids, soup but not much else.

Well at least I cannot spend any money staying indoors. My new bank card is still floating in Limbo. Jeannine sent it on March 6th. The last tracking record shows March 10 in the New York Sorting station. It must be coming around Cape Horn. The weather here is staying cold, under freezing at night and slightly above during the day. I am getting really discouraged. I need to get started on taking the boat apart now that I have a roof over my head. The other hurdle I have is trying to put the WP web site on line for the The English site works fine. Als er ieman is die me daar mee kan helpen of een adres weet. Dan hoor ik dat graag. Het probleem is dat ik geen foto’s kan opladen. Over de jaren heb ik nooit zo’n probleem gehad me  deze WP site.

I have just uploaded the Dutch version to Create Space of the print version. This will enable Dutch speaking North Americans to order the book instead of having it sent from Holland.  As soon as I have the proper address for it in the next day, I will post it here.

Saturday was the 88th birthday of my sister’s husband, Herman and the 55th of my nephew Dirk Jan. I hope I’ll look as well as Herman in 12 years from now. My sister will turn 79 in May. My twin brother and sister in law also came to the birthday celebration from Germany. Last Sunday we sang part of Bruckner’s mass in C in the Augustinus church. I am missing this evenings weekly choir practice.

Herman and Karolien





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