September 2nd, 2014 browsing by day


Tuesday September 2nd. Granville Island

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

It is a typical N.W. late summer day, showers and dark skies. Good day to be drinking lates and cha while meeting long time friends in the Granville Public Market. Tomorrow I am promised some sunshine and a decent N.W. wind to sail down direction Roche Harbor. I met Paul de Leeuw here yesterday and just said good bye to Michael St. John-Smith. This evening I will see Al and Martha, friendships from my lumber business days up here.

I am anchored between the Granville and Cambie street bridge on the south side of Falls Creek, close to Granville Island. Lots of activity here, on the water, the boardwalk and the Market. The picture below of the cold beer is appropriate because the public schools have not opened yet. The teachers are still on a strike that commenced before the summer vacations.

Latitude-38 has another article in the September issue that just came out. Be sure to pick up your free copy or go to the following link:

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