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Ascension May 9. Rome

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

This is one of my first passive excursions. I have often envied the tourists in the places along my travels, while I am bringing the groceries to the boat on my folding bike they are sitting back in air-conditioned buses. Now I am enjoying an organized tour, air and bus transportation, lodging and eating out is all arranged for me and my choir members. We are all 41  in the same hotel in the s.e. corner of Rome, near the Colosseum. This morning we were on our own. We sang in the Ascension service in the very back of the St. Peter in front of the main altar. The service was preceded by a Vesper service in which a long row of cardinals in their red and white robes paraded into the church through the crowd of visitors. We had to go through security with metal detectors and the Swiss guards. And got the view of the tourists from the other side of the red roped off area. We were in the Holy of Holies. Our regular organist, Vincent, played the old organ. I had not been inside the St. Peter since 1954. All I can say is that it is an impressive building but a bit pompous and cold. I have been in many much more attractive and spirit filled churches.

Saturday evening we have one more service to sing in at the church of San Giovani Laterano, which is close by. There are a number of sight seeing visits organized for the next two days. The weather is wonderful, not too warm, balmy.

Today the Grande Giro Lamborghini came through Rome, see several hundred of these fast beauties from all over Europe are taking part in this annual rally. They formed a long line on one side of the via del Corridori and on the other side were a shorter line of Ferraris. And as you can see the Polizia gets to drive a Lamborghini as well.