March 26th, 2013 browsing by day


Monday, March 25th. Still out (in the) cold.

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Sorry, no pictures of the sweet little Cherubs carrying their Palm Sunday bakery on a stick. I did not dare stick my head out of the door in the biting cold  N.E. wind.. The wind died down some today but the mercury stayed close to freezing. I felt better and ran a few errands. It looks like the second bank card is definitely lost as well. The USpostal service is going to send out a tracer and they told my daughter that she can expect an answer within SIXTY days. I have also started a search on this side but without a bar code I will not get very far, I’m told.  So. what to do? Try a third tme? No, I don’t think so. It’s bound to end up like my third marriage. I need to pay the rest of my Rome trip and I will soon need start spending some serious bucks on the boat maintenance. I have $ 2.12 left on my Skype account and no way to fund it without a Credit/Debit card, same for Pay Pal, etc.

Now if everyone who has not yet read “The Mastmakers’ Daughters” would do themselves that favor, then that would keep you off the “I don’t care where Jack is!” list and solve my financial dilemma. Most of you will have my today’s mail that both books have their own web site where all the information is available, including the announcement that Create Space is also distributing the Dutch language version in the USA and  Canada, as of this week. The web sites are: and

I just got a hold of Lisa before she got into an elevator in Toronto. She will wire me funds into my new dollar account here when she gets back to Tacoma.

For those of you in the Amsterdam region, put Saturday 4th of May on your agenda. There will be a fitting commemoration for the annual “Dodenherdenking” (for the executed Dutch men and women in the NAZI occupation), where our choir will perform. In the book is an alphabetized list of all the names that are found in the book. There is also a link on the books’ sites for a categorized list of the over 350 names. There are 22 names in the category for the executed Dutch men and women mentioned in the book.