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March 22nd My Premature Via Dolorosa

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Holy Week is called Lijdensweek in Holland. It literally translates to week of suffering/passion. Mine came a week early. I cannot get rid of this cold, it snowed yesterday and I woke up to a frost covered world. And I just had another run in with an automated system of an organization that wishes to claim being set up for international transactions but obviously lacks the means. I once more tracked the progress of my USPostal service delivery of my bank card that was sent to me from Virginia on March 6th. But it shows no further movement than the one into the NY sorting facility on March 10. So, I sent an e-mail, after I have checked off the thousand multiple choices and fill in the address, there is no place for other than a US Destination. So, I try the phone system. I spent an hour trying to give the tracking number by dial pad and voice to the robot and then it finally starts asking if the destination is outside of the United States, then I am cut off and told to call back during working hours…..

I will need to go out and forage after being couped up inside since Sunday and take out the trash which is mostly from the three rolls of paper towels I have gone through. But I think I’ll survive. And the digital world has kept me occupied by throwing in some kink into my trying to redesign the book cover for the North American print of “De Mastmakersdochters”. I┬áhad to restart the hour long process between Photoshop/Paint because of an unexplained twitch where the text becomes all blurred. And I am yet to solve the hang up on the WP website for the Dutch book. All I want for Easter is to be able to report some more positive experiences.